West Coast Choppers Logo

West Coast Choppers LogoWest Coast Choppers Logo PNG

Founded: 1992
Founder: Jesse James
Headquarters: Austin, Texas
Official website: www.westcoastchoppers.com

West Coast Choppers is the name of a motorcycle workshop, which was established in 1992 and is specialized in the customization of classic and modern bike models. The company’s founder is Jesse James, who is an American famous tv-host.

Motorcycle History

West Coast Choppers is the brand, run by Jesse James, which specializes in motorcycle tuning redesign. The company produces exclusive choppers and fashion items related to the biking culture.

The company’s founder is famous TV host Jesse James, who has hosted such programs as Motorcycle Mania, Monster Garage, and others, connected to bikes and bikers, on the Discovery Channel. Jesse James founded the company in his parents’ garage in 1992.

Since the very first day, the WCC company has produced more than 200 custom choppers. The brand is extremely popular along with Hollywood celebrities and musicians, such as Kid Rock, Keanu Reeves, and famous sports stars. It is important to note that WCC does its best to bring new stylistically and aesthetics to iconic though already too regular Harley-Davidson choppers, expanding the style and design opportunities.

Brand Logo

West Coast Choppers Logo

West Coast Choppers (WCC) is a brand that produces iconic and exclusive choppers and chopper-themed apparel, which is why it was very important for the brand to design a logo, which would look sleek and eye-catching both on motorcycles and fashion items. WCC adopted a logo, that takes its inspiration from the Iron and Maltese Cross.

Emblem and Symbol

West Coast Choppers Emblem

The West Coast Choppers emblem is composed of a monochrome Maltese Cross with contrasting lettering on it. The “Choppers” is written along the horizontal bar of the Cross, in a bold gothic typeface, white the “West Coast” is set vertically and uses a simple but not less confident sans-serif with clean straight contours.

Font and Color

West Coast Choppers Font

The main part of the brand’s logotype, “Choppers”, is executed in a stylized Gothic typeface with bold lines and sharp angles. The font from the emblem is pretty close to such types as Ironwood Std and Ironhorse, but with the contours extended and some lines modified.

As for the color palette, the Motorcycle customizing brand uses a combination of white and black, which makes it possible to place the badge on any background of the bright and chic West Coast Choppers models.